Apple’s iPhone X admission

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Apple’s iPhone X admission

Apple recognizes that the touchscreen of the new iPhone X telephone does not respond to the finger developments it utilizes as a part of icy climate.

Clients who requested the iPhone X started getting messages about programming and equipment issues. 10. the telephone was connected to and killed, a telephone call was made, a telephone call was made, and a telephone call was made.


One Reddit client detailed that iPhone X was not reacting to finger touches “after precisely 2 seconds” when zero degrees of icy on the screen went out. Others have announced that they live in a similar city.

APPLE: “Fix For Cold Weather Problem Coming Soon”

We realize that on the IPhone X screen, you are starting to be not able react to touches rapidly. The answer for the issue will be displayed in one without bounds refreshes “.

The cost of the iPhone X, which is situated on the racks of stores on November 3, begins at US $ 999.

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