When will Play Station 5 come out? How much is the Playstation 5 price?

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When will Play Station 5 come out? How much is the Playstation 5 price?

The release date of Play Station 5, which the game buffs are looking forward to, is slowly becoming apparent. An interview with Sony Interactive Entertainment America and Worldwide Studios Chief Shawn Layden revealed some history of PlayStation 5’s release. When will Play Station 5 be out? How much will the Playstation 5 price be?

In an interview with an authorized name in Sony, the release date of PS5 was asked. After that, Sony Interactive Entertainment America and Worldwide Studios Chief Shawn Layden made an important statement about the date of the coming of PlayStation 5 in an interview. When will PlayStation 5 come out on the market in the direction of explaining Shawn Layden, Sony Interactive Entertainment America and Worldwide Studios Chief? How much will the Play Station 5 price be? Here’s the answer …

Regarding the PlayStation 5, Layden chose to give a clear answer saying “it will be on the day”, and it showed that there is still time in front of the console. According to information obtained from sources close to the company, PS5 is scheduled to be introduced at E3 in 2018.

We do not know when the new console will come out, but we know that the new console definitely should not support “real” 4K quality. PC players can easily play games at 4K by setting up a robust system. This is not possible for PS4 and other console players. Even though PS4 Pro is required, but with 4K devices such as Xbox Scorpio, the actual 4K is expected to come with new consoles.

Michael Pachter, an industry analyst, has often said that the next PlayStation console will emerge when PS4 sales begin to slow down in 2019 or 2020. At the moment, he says, the PS4 Pro is probably the new base model.

The current generation of consoles, such as the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, are at four years of age. According to Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot, we will have to wait at least two more years for the next generation.

During a recent investor interview, Guillemot explained the rationale behind the idea: “Sony thinks it’s at least two years before anything new comes out because the past year of PlayStation 4 Pro and Microsoft has released Xbox One X this year.” This explanation seems quite logical, and past consoles support this. As a result, there were approximately seven years between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and an eight-year wait between Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


According to market sources, PS5 can be moved to the market in 2018, but the source emphasizes that this date is “a possibility”. The console says it can hang in 2019. Former analyst reports gave the PS5 for 2019.


According to the last piece of information on the same site, the PlayStation 5 will cost around $ 500. If you do a rough translation, there is a price equivalent to 1865 TL.


As far as features of the PS5 are concerned, according to those on the Learnbond site, the new console has direct 4K support. Of course, it will also offer a solid VR support. AMD will provide the console processor. PS5 is expected to be at least 8 TFLOPS. It can even be 10 or even higher. For those who do not know TFLOPS, I will explain briefly. A processor can perform a trillion Floating Point (TFLOPS) operation in one second. 1 trillion floating point is 1 TFLOPS, 8 trillion floating point is 8 TFLOPS.

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