Rostech: Su-35s have artificial intelligence

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Rostech: Su-35s have artificial intelligence

Russian defense industry company Rostech President Sergey Cemezov noted that the Russian war plane Su-35 had artificial intelligence, and noted that the plane could choose the “intelligence” block itself as its primary targets.

The super-maneuverable multi-purpose fighter jet Su-35 is participating in the flight schedule of Dubai Airshow 2017 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for the first time. The plane is also exhibited at the fuard.

Çemezov explains that the aircraft can follow 6 targets simultaneously and analyze them and decide which target should be hit by which weapon. “He is not pilot, but he makes artificial intelligence of the plane.”

According to a report in Sputnik, Rostech Chairman, the company also said that passenger aircraft also work on artificial intelligence.

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