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How to Use 7zip to Easily Encrypt Files and Folders

7-Zip is an open-source software commonly known as a file archiver. It is used to zip or compress files secured with encryption.

When you send or move documents that contain Personal Identifiable Information (PII) or other confidential and sensitive information, the files must be encrypted to ensure they are protected from unauthorized disclosure.

7-Zip creates a container known as. Those archives can be encrypted and protected with a password. 7-Zip produces Zip files that may be opened with similar programs. Take note, this app may be free, but 7zip is safe and reliable.

Use 7zip to Encrypt Files and Folders

After installing 7zip, please follow these steps to encrypt a file or folder.

  • Step 1: Right click the file / folder you want to encrypt.
  • Step 2: Select the “7-Zip” then “Add to archiveā€¦”
  • Step 3: From the window alter this archive’s title you want to create.
  • Step 4: Change the format to “Zip”.
  • Step 5: Change the Encryption Method to”AES-256″.

There’s a trade-off between utilizing AES-256 and ZipCrypto. AES-256 is proven much more secure than ZipCrypto, but the receiver of the zip file may need to set up zip application to read the document contents, if you select AES-256. Selecting ZipCrypto may enable users to open the zip file in Windows with no zip application, but it doesn’t provide sufficient protection from attackers with tools that are cracking that are contemporary.

It’s strongly suggested to utilize AES-256 to safeguard sensitive and confidential information.

  • Step 6: Enter a Password. Use a strong password using at least eight characters containing upper and lowercase letters, and a minimum of one number.
  • Step 7: Select”Ok” to make the encrypted archive file. The new archive will be found in the same folder as the original.

Finest security practices advise that you don’t email the password as it could be intercepted in transit. Communicate the password over the telephone and it is better to call the recipient of the Zip file.

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Two Best Features of 7zip

7-Zip is my favorite file compression tool. It’s totally free (and open-source), clean, quick, and multi-languages.

I have utilized 7-Zip for a couple of years but used it as a compression tool that was simple. Lately I happened to open 7-Zip’s most important interface (click on a file name or folder name in Windows Explorer and in the popup menu, select 7-Zip, then Add to archiveā€¦) and noticed two invaluable features that I used to resort to the assistance of additional software. Here are:

Compress into a Zip format (the .zip file extension).
Zip format (.zip file) is the most popular compression format because of the prevalence of WinZip.

Encrypt the file that is compressed.
Sending files on the internet might not be safe. Before I ship it out online, I encrypt my archive. 7-Zip comes with an encryption feature where you can define a password to protect the archived content. In addition to encrypting the material, you may even encrypt the archive header, including the file name(s), if you use 7z format for the compression.

Final Words

You may probably be using paid tools right now and forget that there are free programs like 7zip that you can use. If your concern is the safety and security of your files, don’t worry. You can rely on 7zip alone even if it is free. If you have doubts, drop us a comment below.

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Best Webinar Software to Try in 2020 [Updated]

When hosting a webinar, you will need a webinar software that is able to assist you to stay in touch with clients, staff, and other viewers. Unlike overall conferencing, webinar software is primarily used for event administration on the internet, such as conventions, workshops, presentations, and seminars, to be able to accomplish a high number of people at precisely the same time.

best webinar software

It’s possible to perform this with YouTube, but webinar portals and applications allow a more interactive experience, allowing for consumer feedback as well as question and answer surveys. Managing large numbers of virtual attendees demands planning and coordination, and training solutions have different approaches to the direction of participants.

Below are five of the greatest training solutions which may get people together from any part of the world for a lecture, discussion or information market.

Best Webinar Software

#1. Livestorm

All the webinar options
Full of possibilities
Metrics for insight and analysis
Easy to use
1000 attendees limit

Instead of merely offering webinars, Livestorm includes three distinct flavours available that allow for traditional pre-organized, on-demand, and automatic seminars to be supplied.

Webinar content can be created ahead and uploaded, presented reside or be a combo of those scenarios. If you want to mix things up a bit, and, you can co-host with a different company.

Attendees can interact with the presenters, ask questions, be asked questions with surveys. And of the interaction can be listed, and the reaction to presentations is accessible via analytics and reports after the function.

#2. Zoho Meeting

Meet and greet the Zoho way
Zoho integrations
Telephone access
Maximum of 250 attendees
Basic reporting

Zoho is an amazingly successful brand that has options for CRM, project management, helpdesks, cooperation, and marketing. One of the programs, stable is Zoho Meeting, a product that many would resolve is exclusively a video conferencing offering. Nevertheless, it’s much more than this, and one of the greatest features is the ability to host webinars.

Used this way, Meeting offers many of the timeless webinar features such as a sophisticated registration alternative, email notifications and reminders, Polls and Q&As, telephone dial-ins, multiple presenters, and post-webinar reporting. Additionally, it uses Chrome and Firefox extensions to schedule and begin webinars, and also the only technical requirement to see is a competent browser.

#3. GoToWebinar

A one-stop-shop for massive webinars
Free trial
Scales around 5000 attendees
Toll-free phone access
Can have reliability Problems

For a while GoToWebinar by LogMeIn was indeed, the go-to solution for webinars. The attributes available include pre-webinar procedures, real-time analytics, and lead direction, the sharing of notes on mobile and audience interaction.

One very helpful feature is the ability to talk about an installable program, allowing a webinar for using that tool to get everyone ready to utilize it inside the webinar. All the attendee confronting parts could be rebranded, for example, registration pages, emails, and the internet interface. But this functionality is restricted to logos.

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#4. EverWebinar

Automation for the country
Works together with WebinarJam
Template pages want reworking

The solution offered by EverWebinar is focused on selling and specifically using the webinar model to present a sales pitch. Thus, it is centered on providing on-demand webinars that have been finely crafted to deliver the best possible sales pitch and clinch the bargain with it.

The best method to evolve a webinar would be to make use of the sister product, WebinarJam. This is a webinar website that is conventional, and it could flow a live event or demonstration that is pre-recorded.
Once you’ve given a live presentation that generated the earnings, you can then convert that into the Everwebinar format. And, use the exact same content repeatedly.

#5. ClickMeeting

Videoconferencing repurposed
Free trial
Easy to use
Works within YouTube and Facebook
High bandwidth demands for HD movie

The roots of ClickMeeting are videoconferencing, also it may be used for that purpose efficiently. But, it may be used to host webinars and has a raft of performance dedicated to that purpose. Hosted webinars can have bespoke pre-event participation, including a waiting room prior to the onset of the demonstration where additional information could be offered to attendees.

Polls and surveys can be used to maintain the involvement of those watching, even when content isn’t live. It is possible to freely combine ones and live events together and have segments of both. For live webinars, a whiteboard can be active throughout the presentation or later for a Q&A session.


The mentioned software are just some of the best webinar tools you can get in the market. If you are looking for a highly expensive and can do all, then you might need to pay for hundreds of dollars for a single tool. While these tools are available for a cheaper price and can be also free at times, you can save money for any other important expenses.

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Methods on How to Remove Ads from MX Player

Remove ads from MX Player in three easy ways. MX Player is an amazing media player which has many special features and functionalities. However, it can be annoying sometimes when ads are popping out every now and then. So today, I am going to teach you how you can easily remove the ads from MX Player without rooting your phone.

Remove Ads from MX Player

When you heard about a great app, but full of “ads,” you can’t help but sigh. Ads in MX Player are very irritating and disturbing especially when you are in the middle of listening to your favorite music or watching your long-awaited TV shows and movies.

The earlier versions of MX Player have fewer ads than the new ones. But we just realized it when we already updated the MX Player on our device, right? And we can do nothing but to uninstall the app immediately.

The question now is: Does uninstalling MX Player the last choice we have to avoid those irritating ads? Are there any ways we can enjoy it without having interruptions? Of course, yes!

Read further to learn the methods on how you can remove ads from MX Player.

Remove Ads from MX Player

There are many ways to remove ads from MX Player. Some methods you can do is to use ad blocker applications. There are also easy ways to do it and that’s what I am going to show you here. Here we go!

Method 1: Download the MX Player Pro Version

Getting the Pro version of MX Player is the easiest method to avoid ads. However, not all people can use it since it is a paid application.

Well, don’t worry! You always have the second option to get the pro version. If you can’t afford to buy the pro version from Google Play Store, you can get mx player APK (pro version) by clicking the link given. MX Player Pro is free from ads so you won’t get annoyed while using it.

Method 2: Go offline while using MX Player

Going offline can be an alternative way on buying for a Pro version. However, you will be limited to access the online library of MX Player, thus it is not the best option.

However, if you have files downloaded to stream in MX Player, you can choose to disbale your internet connection so ads won’t pop up. If you like to turn off the internet connection for MX Player alone, you need to do the steps below.

  1. Go to your device settings.
  2. Click on Data Usage and find MX Player.
  3. Click the MX Player app to open the settings.
  4. Then, enable Restrict Background Data.

Note: Other versions of Android may have different options for restricting data on a certain application. You can also try to check the Apps setting if disabling data usage is under it.

3. Use Ad-blocker App

If you can’t install the Pro version of MX Player or doesn’t want to go offline while using MX Player, this third method might work for you. All you need to do is to get an ad-blocker app.

There are many ad-blocker apps which you can download directly from Google Play Store. Just choose which one will work for your device to completely remove ads from MX Player.

In Conclusion

Getting the Pro version of MX Player is the most sure option to remove any unwanted ads. If you can’t find this method useful for you, then try the second and third methods.

In case you have questions, feel free to leave them inside the comment box below. We’ll try to help you as soon as we read your comments.