Who are the 10 Youtubers you Need to Follow ?

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Who are the 10 Youtubers you Need to Follow ?

Social Media and Youtuber Relationship

We have listed the channels of the youtube that you will have fun in summer and winter. These YouTube channels will allow you to capture your interest, have a good time and get lots of different information.

Who are the 10 Youtubers you need to follow?

EasterGamers TV: This channel, which is about 535,000 subscribers, makes striking gaming videos. It may be a good choice for your child to exist and have a good time.

Yabanc─▒ Oyuncu: Azat of the Turkmenistan, which owns this channel. The videos are usually on simulation and racing games. If you are interested in the games, you will be entertaining and knowledgeable to follow this channel.

Tepkikolik: This channel makes a video presentation of the reactions of an object or person to situations and has a pleasant time for the audience.

Ezgi’nin Kanal─▒: If you are unsure about choosing a movie, this channel will help you. Because the channel publishes movie criticism with or without spoilers on films, it informs its subscriptions.

Polina Chursanova: Polina, who recently took vlogs about the cities he visited and described it as remarkable on the channel, points out with the edits he made. With the help of Lookbooks, it makes you feel like you are walking in the city.

JerryRig Everything: This channel is usually a YouTube channel that gives information about phones. He has made his videos remarkable with the endurance tests he has done with the phones.

FBE: Tepkikolik is the overseas version of the YouTube channel in Turkey. Describes the reactions and thoughts of young people towards objects or videos.

How to Adult: This channel deals with the behaviors that an adult should do for her age and offers a choice to those who are undecided about the actions they are willing to do in the future.

Jelly: The game can be an entertaining YouTube player for those who are Channel-owned, foreign-looking gaming channel.

Unbox Therapy. Unbox Therapy, a channel that should prefer by those who want to have an insight into product reviews, subscribes to product reviews that speak a simple dill.

After 10 YouTube reviews, all of them are in different languages and in different topics; fun and informative themes have brought different experiences to their subscriptions. They made sure their subscriptions were fun.


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