They won’t sell bitcoin until 196 thousand dollar

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They won’t sell bitcoin until 196 thousand dollar
A research revealed the high expectations of American investors.
After the political chaos in Zimbabwe and the debate over the Temerrut in Venezuela, investors believe it is more potential for Bitcoin, which rises to the limit of 8,000 dollars.
Compared to the Cointelegraph news, American investors will not sell bitcoins until Bitcoin arrives at $196 thousand.
Research was made with 564 Bitcoin investor in the United States. Investors have said that Bitcoin’s asset will not give up Bitcoins until 196 thousand 116 dollars. In other words, investors are priced to 30 times the current value of Bitcoin.
32 percent of respondents said they were selling some of the bitcoins they held after investing in bitcoin, while 21 per cent showed that they were planning to hold bitcoins for at least 7 years.
It is expected to be updated with capacity issues in the mid-month, only to stop the rise of this update with the postponement of Bitcoin continues to earn assets from where it remained.
Bitcoin saw $7,000 997, which was the time summit at 04:00 tonight.
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